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Promoting wellness with each service, our spa offers transformative beauty treatments for total rejuvenation in Vancouver's serene setting.


Enhance your beauty and wellness with our exceptional spa treatments, tailored for rejuvenation and relaxation in Vancouver's elegant oasis


Experience the epitome of relaxation with our massage services, expertly crafted to soothe, rejuvenate, and enhance wellness in Vancouver's serene spa.

The best of our services

Experience Vancouver’s premier beauty and spa services. Enjoy luxurious eyelash extensions, ancient Chinese hair wash and scalp massages, relaxing body massages, and expert nail extensions. Our skilled team ensures each treatment revitalizes and refreshes. Elevate your beauty routine with us.

Nail Care

Experience a personalized consultation to determine the perfect treatment that will leave your hands feeling rejuvenated and looking their best.

O2toDerm Glass Facial Treatment

This incredible treatment features both an oxygen dome and an oxygen infusion gun to re-energize skin cells and turn back the clock on aging skin.

Ancient Chinese Hair Wash And Scalp Massage

This luxurious treatment combines ancient Chinese techniques with modern scalp massage to stimulate circulation, reduce stress, and promote relaxation.

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Massage & Spa Center

You deserve better than a rushed massage by a rookie therapist in a place that makes you feel more stressed.


Relaxing Oil body Massage

mmerse yourself in the luxurious Relaxing Oil Body Massage, a perfect blend of soothing oils and expert techniques designed to release tension, enhance circulation, and deeply calm both body and mind for an unparalleled relaxation experience.
Starting From $75

Ancient Chinese Hair Wash and Scalp Massage

Discover the art of relaxation with our Ancient Chinese Hair Wash and Scalp Massage, blending traditional techniques for deep rejuvenation, promoting scalp health and hair vitality. A unique, holistic experience designed to soothe, refresh, and energize
Starting From $48

Relaxing foot Massage

Unwind with our Relaxing Foot Massage, a blissful treatment using soothing techniques to relieve stress, improve circulation, and rejuvenate tired feet, creating a sense of overall well-being and tranquility.
Starting From $40

Facial Treatment

Experience our Facial Treatment, a perfect blend of nourishing ingredients and expert techniques designed to rejuvenate, hydrate, and bring out your skin’s natural glow, leaving you feeling refreshed and radiant.
Starting From $64
The spa's sleek and stylish design exudes elegance. The cleanliness and attention to detail are commendable. Highly recommended!
Michael Hobbs
Vancouver, BC
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999 West Hastings Street, P02, Vancouver (Central Vancouver), British Columbia

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Mon-Sat: 10am-7:30pm
Sun: 10am-6pm


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