Combat Dry Skin with 7 Tips for Ultimate Hydration

Dry skin is probably one of the most unpredictable complexion types out there. Some days you might have minimal flaking, others you’ll be wrestling with all-out alligator skin. As someone with skin that becomes parched whenever it pleases, I’ve researched and sampled countless moisturizing products. Here’s a basic dry skin regimen complete with my favorites, […]

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7 Best Places To See In Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver was the first place I ever visited in Canada and one spot I quickly fell in love with. That’s not saying the rest of Canada isn’t great; in fact, there’s a heap of incredible places in Canada to explore but, Vancouver is definitely near the top of that list. This is exactly why I wanted to […]

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5 steps to the best waxing at home

Waxing is one of the popular services at the Spa, it helps women’s skin become smoother, more feminine, cleans up the ugly hair areas. But not everyone understands exactly what Waxing is and has a standard Wax method. Let’s find out this hair removal method right away with L’atelier Beauty Spa! What is waxing? Why is […]

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hair care

Hair Care Interesting Fun Facts

I am back ladies, for another weekly update about our favorite topic, food! Kidding… hair care! I know, contain your excitement. But really, I love talking about hair and informing our followers because I too am able to educate myself, along with all of you, on hair tips and what works best. After all, all […]

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Relaxing body massage​

The history of spas and spa treatments

Today it’s fair to say that spas are at the forefront of the holistic health and wellness movement. People everywhere are discovering that the most effective approach to health is maintaining a balanced body and lifestyle – something spas are experts in assisting with. They are home to some of the latest pioneering treatments and […]

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Unique Massage


Massage is a method of relaxation and health training based on the impact of mechanics on parts of the body for the purpose of treating stress, reducing pain and fatigue. It has appeared since ancient times and is very popularly applied by people around the world. Over time with the process of cultural exchange, reflexology […]

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