Massage is a healthcare practice that has been proven to offer numerous benefits of massage to individuals. benefits of massage and its targeted areas have their own specific purposes. Overall, the therapeutic and relaxation effects of massage on the body cannot be denied. Specifically, let’s explore the benefits together with Oreni through this article!

What is massage?

Massage, derived from the Arabic word “mass~h,” meaning to press gently, is considered one of the oldest and simplest forms of healthcare. It dates back approximately 3,000 years before the Common Era and is documented in an ancient Chinese book.

During that time, massage was primarily aimed at treating injuries, relieving pain, and promoting a sense of relaxation and well-being. Over time, as experience grew, people learned effective techniques for manipulating and massaging specific areas to target the healing of ailments.

Subsequently, through cultural exchange and interaction, the Japanese people adopted benefits of massage techniques and developed their own diagnostic and therapeutic approach called Shiatsu. In Shiatsu, “Shi” refers to fingers and “atsu” means pressure. Shiatsu involves applying pressure with fingers, palms, and thumbs to specific points on the body to promote healing and alleviate various conditions.

In the Western context, initially, Americans combined massage with herbal remedies, while ancient Greeks utilized massage as therapeutic techniques. Hippocrates (from 460 to 377 BCE), the father of medicine, used herbal oils for massaging and performed acupressure.

In modern times, the individual credited with formalizing and systematizing the practice of massage is considered to be Per Henrik Ling. He developed a series of movements and massage techniques that were standardized and categorized.

Massage is now recognized as a therapeutic modality in modern medicine. It is widely accepted and used as a complementary treatment in various healthcare settings.

❖ There are several basic types of massage:
  • Full-body massage: This involves comprehensive massage of the entire body, targeting all areas for relaxation and therapeutic purposes.
  • Facial massage: Focusing on the facial area, this type of massage aims to care for the skin and promote a healthy and beautiful complexion. Therapeutic massage: This method combines the use of specific herbal remedies and essential oils for massaging targeted areas to treat various conditions (external application).
  • Foot massage: Primarily targeting the soles of the feet and calf muscles, foot massage aims to improve blood circulation, promote relaxation, and enhance therapeutic effects.

The 12 relaxing and therapeutic benefits of full-body massage for the body 

The health benefits of massage have been supported by practical medical evidence, promoting a healthier lifestyle each day. Let’s explore the specific advantages:

1. Promotes overall wellness

This is a comprehensive healthcare approach that has external effects but also provides deep internal benefits of massage.

Massage not only relaxes and soothes the mind but also helps the organs function well, keeping the body healthy and preventing illnesses.

2. Body relaxation, reduction of muscle soreness

Many sports and fitness trainers recommend athletes to incorporate regular massages to alleviate muscle soreness after training, enabling them to return to training with better intensity.

Benefits of massage is a method to relax the muscles, eliminate muscle toxins, and promote good blood circulation, resulting in reduced pain and fatigue in the body.

3. Reduces fatigue

Massage helps increase the activity of blood vessels and improves their elasticity, allowing for better blood circulation. This, in turn, helps reduce feelings of tension and fatigue.

With gentle movements and moderate stimulation through kneading and pressure, massage targets acupoints, stimulates various areas of the body, eliminates accumulated toxins, and provides relief from fatigue.

4. Reduces tension and stress

Benefits of massage help the body relax, feel comfortable, and experience a sense of joy. When receiving a massage, worries and troubles tend to fade away as you experience a state of relaxation through the skilled hands of the therapist.

If you are under significant work pressure or facing distressing situations, it is advisable to get a massage to restore balance to your body.

5. Benefits cardiovascular health, stabilizes blood pressure

Health experts believe that benefits of massage stimulates better blood vessel function, thereby promoting circulatory activity. Improved blood circulation through the veins contributes to stabilizing your blood pressure.

6. Detoxifies the body

There are various methods to eliminate toxins from your body, and an effective way is through benefits of massage. The combination of using warm essential oils and the kneading motion of the hands generates heat, which promotes the release of toxins from the body.

You may notice that many people use massage techniques, such as “đánh gió” in Vietnamese (which translates to “wind beating”), when they experience symptoms of a cold or illness and develop dark marks on the skin surface. This is a practice of massage and external detoxification.

7. Enhances the immune system

An important study conducted by Cedars-Sinai revealed that receiving a full-body massage stimulates the production of more lymphocytes, which are one of the three types of white blood cells in the immune system.

The benefits of massage actions contributes to increasing the number of immune-enhancing cells in your body. This helps protect you from the effects of illnesses and common health issues such as seasonal flu.

8. Benefits respiratory health

Regular full-body massage generates a response in the nervous system that helps to expand the respiratory pathways, reducing chest tightness and prolonged difficulty in breathing, which can lead to chronic pain in the neck, shoulders, chest, abdomen, and back.

Therapeutic benefits of massage can aid in restoring the balance of these respiratory muscles, allowing them to function more effectively and increase lung capacity. This results in improved oxygen intake for efficient gas exchange processes.

9. Improves digestion

Regularly performing proper abdominal massage stimulates the internal activity of the stomach, enhances digestion, and prevents bloating and indigestion.

By applying gentle benefits of massage techniques around the abdominal area, gradually expanding outward, you can promote optimal blood circulation, warm up the abdominal region, and facilitate the digestive process within the stomach.

10. Improved sleep quality

One of the benefits of massage, especially full-body massage, is that it promotes deep, restful sleep and reduces vivid dreams, allowing you to wake up refreshed and alert the next morning.

Massage stimulates blood circulation throughout the body, including the central nervous system, delivering nutrients and oxygen to various areas and enhancing their efficiency.

The soothing effect of massage also helps alleviate body aches and pains, making it easier for you to enter a peaceful and comfortable sleep.

11. Weight loss

One of the effects of full-body or abdominal massage that many women appreciate is its potential to assist in effective fat reduction and weight loss.

As a result, many massage therapy centers and spas pay attention to the psychological aspect of women’s desire to eliminate excess fat.

12. Preventing aging, looking younger

Dermatologists suggest that massage is a way to rejuvenate the skin, especially facial massage or targeted body massages.

The hand movements during massage stimulate improved blood circulation and enhance the flow of oxygen, giving the skin a healthier and more radiant appearance. It helps to eliminate dirt and dead cells, leaving the skin brighter and more vibrant.

Regular skin massage is considered a therapeutic method to extend youthfulness for women, which is why there is an increasing number of spas and massage centers.


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